Anonymous said: how soon constitutes "very soon"?

lol soon. Im talking with the dvd production company now

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Anonymous said: when is paych going to be on dvd/internet?

very soon

Anonymous said: Its sorta stupid to ask but will you be releasing physical copies of paych or putting on the Internet to buy or watch somewhere?

Make copies first

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Anonymous said: how soon will you put it online? i will still buy it. #iloveyou

Not sure yet. I gotta finish it first

Anonymous said: mirror mirror on the wall who's the most challin' of them all?

Challex olson

jcdale123 said: whats goodie, let me get some clips in a vid !

yeah lesgetit

ptntscr3w said: is it going to be online? live in spain dude, would like to go to the premier

yeah i will put it online. gonna make copies too. ay spain thats dope

phantomony said: will you have a philly premier for paych?

umm i dont know maybe